Specialized Counselling & Psychotherapy for Overwhelmed Women in London Ontario

Are You Feeling Hopeless? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? 

As a woman, you sometimes feel misunderstood, invalidated, discounted and “not enough.” You go through life trying to make up for these feelings by overcompensating, trying to please others and attempting to be everything to everyone.

Now, you are feeling overwhelmed.

Work is no longer fulfilling. Your home life and relationships are suffering and you feel defeated at the end of the day. You’re starting to realize that you have lost your true self somewhere along the way – and you’re not sure how to get her back.

How Can Psychotherapy Help?

Whatever you may be going through counselling provides a safe, validating relationship in which to gain insight, foster strengths and develop the coping skills you need to manage difficult emotions, relationships and life transitions.

Counselling is an excellent way to spend an hour a week tuning into yourself, your experience and your individual needs.

My counselling approach is warm, supportive and informal. Through the process of counselling, I’ll work with you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others in your life, which will allow you to reconnect with loved ones and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

Finding a therapist with whom you have a good connection is integral to this process.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about my approach, the services I provide and how we can get started working together.

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